CEO Greeting
CEO Greeting
Welcome to CellBion’s website.
Cellbion is engaged in research and development of imaging agents for diagnosis, cosmetics for hospitals, and functional health foods, aiming to materialize precision medicine based on collaborative researches with domestic and foreign relevant institutes in accordance with the founding principle of ‘Enhancing the quality of lives through technology innovation’. The development of new medicines is being developed with renowned domestic university hospitals and clinical tests are ongoing for massification. Last year, a manufacturing plant for drug product injections (GMP), equipped with massification facilities and equipment was established. Moreover, a Bio R&D Center was established in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital’s Healthcare Innovation Park to research on Biomaterials including various GF complex and stem cells for functional health foods and cosmetics. In addition, a production plant for cosmetics is being constructed. Cellbion endeavors to develop into a leader of biopharmaceutical industry, contributing to the promotion of mankind’s health and welfare through precision medicine technology.

President & CEO Kim, Kweon