Research Institute
Research Institute
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All research and development work of Cellbion are conducted based on the collaboration with SNU Hospital as well as domestic and foreign universities as well as research institutes.

Research Institute
[ Pharmaceutical Research Institute ]
Pharmaceutical Research Institute located in Yeongeon-dong, Seoul develops innovative diagnostic imaging agents for PET-CT and others together with renowned domestic university hospitals. Among the diagnostic imaging agents, development is focused to radioactive and multiple imaging agent for PET-CT and PET-MRI as well as new drug for the rapidly growing cardio & cerebrovascular treatment.
As an agent for diagnosing cardio & cerebrovascular inflammations and related diseases, this agent that is being developed by our company is the world’s one and unique diagnostic agent for directly imaging the blood vessels of patients suffering from atherosclerosis. By providing a new paradigm in the diagnosis market, researches would be activated and ultimately, it will be fostered as an essential future industry of South Korea.

Bio R&D Center
[ Bio R&D Center ]
Bio R&D Center located in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do conducts researches on the development of new contrast agents and functional Biomaterial for functional health foods, cosmetics and others. The researches include bio marker for the development of imaging agent with diagnostic and treatment effects, delivery matrix, chelating agent sorting as well as synthetic process and separate purification method.
Also researches on the development of functional materials and products are focused on the development of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory composites comprised of substances derived from nature as well as on the development of healthcare, skin care and household items that utilize them.